Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mouth full of soap

What worse then a bath brush paddling? Getting one with a mouth full of soap for saying bad words! Daddy said this is one lesson I just can't seem to learn. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Spanked in the bathroom

I don't know what it is about being bent over the sink in the bathroom, but it sends a chill down my spine everytime. Today was just a reminder spanking, yet by the end I was wiping real tears from my eyes. The loud crack of the wooden paddle each time it landed, seems to be so very very much louder in there. Daddy left my jeans up, but he paddled hard and by the time he had given me 10 swats I was finding it hard to stay in place  like a good girl. When he was finished I was yelping with each swat and when he gathered me into a hug I just melted into his arms. He again reminded me to be good a baby so I don't I have to be punished tonight. The sting lasted a long time and combined with my punishment last night (followed by a very very sweet good girl reward) it made sitting very uncomfortable! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

A hard punishment for both of them.

Daddy called his baby on his way home from work to see how she had done that day. He had a feeling when he talked to her a few hours earlier that she was struggling with staying on track today. She had already been behind on her chores and hadn't taking her medicine that morning. He had her put her balls in as a reminder, but he knew that days like this normally didn't end well for his naughty little princess. Most days all she needed was a quick warm up when he got home from work and her bed time spanking each night to keep her on task. If she was heading out of the house he might also use one of her reminders to help her focus on being good. From some little girls that might be overwhelming, but it was exactly what his baby needed each and every day to keep her sweet, submissive and focus. But today did not seem to be one of those days and as the call progressed, it became clear he was right. 
"Did you get caught up on your to do list baby?"
"Not yet, but almost" she said with a slight hesitation 
"How did you do on water?"
"Iv got 1 drank. I know I should have more,I will get caught up." Her heart sank a little
"What did you have for lunch?"
"Umm I didn't have lunch Daddy." She wished she had stayed focused today
"Did you take you nap?"
"No"  ugh she knew she was in trouble
"So you have broken every rule that applied to your day so far. What did you do today?" 
She wanted to lie, to give him an answer that would get her out of the spanking she was sure was coming, but she told him the truth.
"I started on one of my projects on my to do list, but then started working on something else and got side tracked. It turned out really good though!!" Maybe the excitement in her voice would distracted him.
"I am sure it did Angel, but that's still not an excuse for you behave your today. You have gone right past naughty and have been out right bad. You made the wrong choices over and over again." She knew he was upset with her, and she felt awful. She wanted to cry already and he hadn't even gotten home yet.
"I am sorry Daddy, I will get started on everything right now." She could fix this, or make it a little better, maybe get everything done before bedtime.
"No, you are going to go to your room and wait for me to get home and deal with you. I want your list of daily goals on you desk as well as you to do list for today. Then you get the hair brush and hold it while you sit your naughty butt on the bench and think about how bad it's gonna hurt when I blister you with it." And with that he hung up. 
She nearly burst into tears as she did what he had told her to. She knew she had been very naughty and she deserved to be punished. She hated disappointing her daddy and knew he hated having to punish her. Day to day spankings were fine, they helped keep her happy and daddy enjoyed watching her squirm a little. But punishments were awful for both of them and she was so upset with herself. When she heard the front door close, she wanted to hide, or throw up, or run to him and beg him not to punish her. But she sat still and she tried to remind herself to take what she had earned like a good girl. 
After a few minutes, but it seemed like forever, Daddy came into the room.
She looked so small and pitiful sitting there holding her teddy bear and the hair brush that it nearly broke his heart. He just wanted to gather her up into a hug and tell her everything was ok. But he knew if he did that he would just do his willful little girl more harm then good.
He kissed her forehead and then tipped her head up so she was looking into his eyes. 
"I don't like having to do this, I'm very disappointed in your behavior today. I can not and will not allow you to ignore the rules we have in place to keep you healthy and to help you be a responsible young lady." 
"Yes Daddy" was all she could muster 
"Stand up" she did "Give me the brush" she did "and the bear" 
Her eyes grew wide and he could see tears welling up. "No Daddy, please don't take him away." 
"Bad baby's do not get there teddys  during spankings, and you young lady have been very bad!" 
She gave him the bear and was really struggling to keep her emotions in check. He was just being mean now.
He sat where she had been and guided her over his knees. "I hope you learn form this baby girl" and with that he began spanking her hard with his hand. She tried to hold still as best she could but Daddys hand hurts so much. At least he left her jeans on. After about 20 swats he picked up the hair brush, and he stared to spank. Hard and fast, on her bottom and upper thighs. She was screaming and sobbing in seconds, but he just kept spanking. He spanked her for a few minutes like that, no breaks just hard fast constant stinging swats. Finally he stopped and rubbed her bottom. 
"I hope you understand that all of these rules are for your own good and I wouldn't be a very good daddy if I didn't make sure you follow them." 
"I know daddy, I'm so sorry!" She sobbed 
"Ok, up you go baby." He said as he helped her up. 
"Now take of your clothes and fold them neatly." He saw the panic in her eyes, she had thought he was done, but he was just getting started. She did as she was told and watched as he pulled the chair out from in front of her desk.
"I want you to bend over the back of the chair and hold onto the seat of it." 
Her knees were shaking as she walked over and bent into position. 
Her lists and her makeup mirror were right in front of her now. Daddy stepped behind her and began rubbing her bottom. "I will do this as often as I need to in order to keep you safe and happy do you understand?" "Yes daddy" "You hold on tight and take this whipping like a big girl. Since you want to act like your grown and decide what's best for you, then you can take what you've earned the same way." And with that he began to un buckle his belt. He watched her face closely in the mirror. She hated his belt and even got nervous when he took it off and she wasn't in trouble. He saw the look of fear and then terror as she realized what was going to happen. She began to beg him not to whip her, promising to be a good girl. He wanted to let her up, to help her do her chores and let this go, but he knew he couldn't. "Shhh it will be over soon if you take it like a good girl. Let's get this done baby. Now don't let go of that seat." And with that he brought it down hard on her already sore red bottom. She yelped out after each stroke and soon she was sobbing and screaming. He whipped her ass and thighs until they were deep red and welted. When he finished he set the belt on the desk and said "you stay there and think about how you are going to get you tasks accomplished this evening, because if you end up with red x on your list today we will be doing this all over again at bed time" 
After leaving her in time out for about 5 minutes he came back and put her plug in her bottom. "We will keep that in until bed time to help you stay focus. Tonight we will put one of you big punishment plug in for awhile. Do you think you have learned your lesson young lady?" "Yes sir, I won't be bad ever again !" He laughed to himself and thought "well I'm not sure that's possible, but we might get a good week out of this", but to her he said "do you need a short nap baby? And then daddy can help you get caught up?" "Yes sir" He helped her into bed, gave her back her teddy and her binky and kissed her tear streaked face. "I love you more then anything baby, and I will do whatever it takes to help you be good." As he rubbed her head she whispered "Thank you daddy, your the best daddy in the whole world!" And then she drifted off to sleep 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The bath brush!!!

Is never any fun. Its always a good idea to behave during bath time!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red hot..

Well red hot in black and white!



      Want it??


Daddys Belts!!


We have others, but this gives you and idea of what we use....
There should be a photo of a bar of soap and some ginger here as well!
The last thing here, the red whips, Daddy has not use that on me. He says he doesn't think he would have a level of control over it that he is comfortable with. Also fears most of the impact might land on my hips and sides instead of my bum...